Skin Treatments

All skin treatments at Overtones start with a relaxing, tension-relieving back massage. We continue with a fascial cleanse, tone, facial exfoliation and brow shaping if desired. The skin treatment includes an aroma-pressure face and shoulder massage. The experience is then completed with a mask for the face and eyes, arm and hand massage and appropriate moisturising cream for the face and eyes.

Aromaplastie Facial

A facial using double mask application one of which is a 100% natural poultice that encourages the healing process and provides nutrients, vitamins and proteins to balance, heal and hydrate the skin.

• allow 75 minutes


Aroma Expert Facials

Evidence Facial

An anti ageing treatment to remineralise, hydrate and restore firmness to the skin using predominantly dried seaweed.

Lissage Facial

A freeze dried formula for a concentrated action which will target the signs of ageing.

Hydra Force Facial

A hydrating treatment using orange blossom and aromatic waters of orange and mint.

Divine Nutrition Facial

A nourishing treatment to deeply replenish the skin leaving it hydrated nourished and protected.

Harmony Intense Facial

A treatment to help strengthen and soothe the most sensitive and reactive skins.

Aroma Brightening Facial

A treatment that restores radiance to the complexion and tones down pigmentation marks.

Men’s Essential Facial

The ultimate detoxifying treatment for pure, clean, fresh skin and a balanced de-stressed complexion with long-lasting effects.

• For each Aroma Expert Facial allow 75 minutes


Aroma Basic Facial

• Allow 75 minutes